Nordic Energy Solutions OÜ provides its customers with reliable assistance in all matters related in energy efficiency and HVAC systems area. Our goal is offer You the best solutions to decrease the energy consumption of buildings and technical processes. 

We find that in the area there is still lot of potential for improvement and an economically beneficial energy efficiency solutions should be always considered. Often the energy consumer does not have detail overview of how his technical systems are working or how the amount of energy is divided. Therefore it is complicated to make investments to improve current situation or the results of the investment does not give the results expected. Our purpose is to provide the customer with a professional help to reduce heat and electrical energy demands in the future and help to plan the investments and future operating costs as well.

Based on the knowledge and experiences in the field on enegry efficiency, financial and energy sector, we can offer complete solutions for the building (either excisting or planned) energy management and guarantee the economical viability of it.